Githubredir is obsolete and will go away!

Please note that githubredir is nowadays considered to be obsolete. Github now provides a clean way to query for the tags: A human-facing interface:

And a more machine-oriented interface:

A suitable debian/watch for this project would be:

opts="filenamemangle=s/(?:.*)?v?(\d[\d\.]*)\.tar\.gz/trash-cli-$1.tar.gz/" (?:.*/)?v?(\d[\d\.]*)\.tar\.gz

In a not too distant future, this service will be no longer provided.

Available tags

Author: andreafrancia
Project: trash-cli
Master branch: Download tar.gz (snapshot).
Master branch is reported as under version 0 in order not to disturb proper tags' ordering

This redirctor is a tool written to ease the automated new version downloading for automated QA in the Debian system.
Anybody who finds this system useful can freely use it, although you might be better served by the rich, official interface.
For any questions regarding this script, please contact Gunnar Wolf.